#330 Yuck – Georgia

Fresh-faced indie slackers armed with a derivative sonic template firmly tied to the nineties (Yo La Tengo, Teenage Fanclub, Swervedriver) and a tragically unimaginative band name, Yuck have nevertheless been garnering quite a bit of attention for their eponymous debut – at least until the new Pains of Being Pure At Heart record drops, I suppose. “Georgia” is their effervescent brand of fuzzy guitar-driven pop at its most engaging, flawlessly executed by musicians who clearly relish in the ecstasy of influence. Originality may not be one of their strongest suits, but Yuck’s way with jingle-jangly melodies would have many bands out there green with envy. – Keith.

mp3: Yuck – Georgia

Yuck’s debut album is out on Fat Possum.


2 responses to “#330 Yuck – Georgia

  1. I remember back in 2007 when Cajun Dance Party’s “Amylase” made it to to one of our top albums for the year. And 4 years later, they’re in Yuck!

  2. one of my favorite mixtapes which we did! was that our last one on CD?

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