#317 chromatics – mask

There is a nervous loping quality to “Mask”, Chromatics’ own (black) pyramid song if you may, that stands out immediately from the other tracks on their 2007 full-length album Night Drive. I can’t wait to hear the band approach this one onstage – the hounds of thorny guitars encircling the vintage dance beats, while shadowy keyboards work up a steady, sinister routine in the background. The ultimate nocturnally damaged sonic canvas to live out your wildest film-noir fantasies. – keith.

mp3: chromatics – mask

Straight out of the formidable Italians Do It Better roster, Chromatics and Glass Candy are to perform in Singapore this Thursday night (Nov 4) at Zouk. Chromatics’ Night Drive has just been given the reissue treatment with a deluxe-edition.


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