#314 twin shadow – slow

is there a point to pop revivalism beyond fashionable nostalgia? the music of george lewis jr, whose debut album forget was recently released under his twin shadow moniker, proves an interesting case in point. there’s always the fun (and if you’re honest some degree of self-elevating satisfaction) from picking out influences, even if (and intriguingly, particularly so when) these “roots” extend far beyond “your time”. when i listen to one of lewis’ songs like “slow”, i find it hard to call my response sentimental since many of his influences – let’s say joy division and the smiths, for starters – were making music way before my time. yet, my appreciation of and identification with it is hardly diminished, almost as if i was living out and remembering vicariously an era and culture i never was a part of. it’s a strange place to be at, but for me, an album like forget serves not merely as a call not to forget, but to be more aware of how we remember, as often through the memories of others. – dan.

mp3: twin shadow – slow

forget is now out on terrible records.


One response to “#314 twin shadow – slow

  1. Twin Shadow is my soundtrack to fall 2010…

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