#313 wintersleep – baltic

A storm is coming. When you’re fascinated by post-apocalyptic themes, sometimes we forget that the precursors are every much as gripping. The only thing going through my mind as the guitars shimmer in, and the pensive bassline that snakes in, over the hypnotic forest of snare work, is that this world could very well end in the next five minutes, and it would be GLORIOUS.

Halifax rockers Wintersleep have done it again. They’ve somehow conjoured the spirits of the cold winds to bless their forays into songwriting. “Baltic” doesn’t so much sound like a song as much as it seems to be a chant or ritual as they welcome the crashing waves to come sweeping along the cliffs that protect our hearts. The mood is inexplicable: as you go under the spell they weave, the words take shape, they lose their form. Then, as Paul Murphy, who acts as shamen or spiritual guide, begins the next phase of his ritual, he evokes the darkest emotions to manifest themselves. “Let it out.. let it out of my head..” he said. – brian.

mp3: wintersleep – baltic

“Baltic” appears on Wintersleep‘s 4th studio album, ‘New Inheritors’ and is being released by The Tom Kotter Company. Vinyl bundles can be bought at their store.


One response to “#313 wintersleep – baltic

  1. This track “Baltic” sound really great. I love tracks that evoke so much feeling. Would love for you to check out my music at http://www.danikaholmes.com/music.htm.

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