#310 the radio dept. – a token of gratitude

This terrific tune starts off sounding like one of those random ruses to connect with someone, sated with lovelorn sentiments that one may come to identify (involuntarily) with in a pop song every now and again. On “A Token Of Gratitude”, this dance of identification is wrought by the transporting lilt of the keyboard-soaked music, deftly dissolving the thin line between dreams and romantic disillusionment as moody guitar melodies whirl in confusion.

For the sake of an easy introduction, I recently described, to an office friend (rather in haste I should add), The Radio Dept. as an indie rock band trying their hand at writing/performing Pet Shop Boys songs – a really tart description perhaps but not totally inaccurate. Then again, The Radio Dept. guys have long shown the aptitude for bending sound into wholly original dream pop of such wistful lyricism that the comparison does the Swedish band little justice. While the songs on their third album Clinging to a Scheme generally attain a newfound sense of immediacy, it is surely on the familiarly hazy echo of tracks like “A Token Of Gratitude” that older fans would most savor. – keith.

mp3: the radio dept. – a token of gratitude

Clinging to a Scheme is out now on Labrador.


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