#309 sufjan stevens – i walked

shortly after the surprise release of his all delighted people ep, sufjan stevens introduced “i walked”, a first taste for most of us to his new album the age of adz. when i first heard it, i must admit being disappointed with its sluggish pace and oddly chosen drum-machined beats. hearing it now in the context of the whole album, everything makes much more sense. after the cosmic electronic frenzy “too much” works itself into and the ballooning space-age anthem that inhabits the title track, “i walked” provides a much needed breather and bridge to the heavenly “now that i’m older”. more than that, though, it contextualizes the album as sufjan’s homage to royal robertson, the late sign-painter who spent the final two decades of his life as a recluse, creating apocalyptic-themed sci-fi comic art obsessively addressed to his ex-wife adell. with “i walked”, sufjan aligns his steps sympathetically with robertson’s, restoring in our consciousness the humanity of the man probably with “nothing left to love” but still desperately yearning for “the respect of a kiss goodbye“. – dan.

mp3: sufjan steven – i walked

the age of adz is out today on asthmatic kitty.


One response to “#309 sufjan stevens – i walked

  1. Caught dear lovely Sufjan in his concert in Sydney a few days ago. His opening act was Owen Pallett and he was equally amazing. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been too and I do agree with being disappointed with the album at first listen. But after listening to his songs over and over again, the intricacy of his work is astounding and to put it simply, a work of art.

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