#306 avi buffalo – what’s it in for?

just the other day, i found myself humming avi buffalo’s “what’s it in for?”, forgetting for a moment what the song was, as its thin but piercing chorus settled into an endless loop. the title question, a straightforward one with frustratingly elusive answers, anchors the song, which spins off tangents of misplaced wishes and misaligned desires. and it’s with these points of tension that 19-year old avigdor zahner-isenberg and company do so well in not only capturing the voice of their generation, but weaving into it unearthed threads of personal memory and unspoken thoughts dug from deep. still, what works best in this memorable track isn’t the subject matter itself but how it’s delivered: stubbornly free, inevitably nervous, ever so slightly aloof and unapologetically naive – in other words saying it like only a teenager can: what’s it in for me? – dan.

mp3: avi buffalo – what’s in it for?

avi buffalo’s self-titled debut album was released earlier this year on sub pop.


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