#300 matthew dear – honey

“honey”, the opening track of matthew dear’s latest release black city starts off on the same footing as “walk on the wild side”, with that familiar brooding note, suspended midway whilst conducting an introspective survey of the dirty streets that becomes the setting and topic of interest for the rest of the album. yet, this is less of a concept album than it is a descriptive one, relying largely on dear’s sonic mastery of mood and atmosphere as its distinctive entry point. in “honey”, you’re drawn into the story not by the narrative itself, but the intricate detail – the dreariness of city life and the dark corners of its underside – that fills the track’s ever-accommodating cinematic space. it matters less, then, that this black city lacks the memorable characters that so colored lou reed’s deviant universe, especially when it works so finely on its own as a gripping soundtrack to the filthier sides of our existence. – dan.

mp3: matthew dear – honey

black city is out now on ghostly international.


2 responses to “#300 matthew dear – honey

  1. dan, i happen to be listening to this album a lot too. damn awesome.

  2. yeah got me started on his earlier work too!

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