migrant sounds, migrant voices

migrant voices is a community arts charity that organizes art-based projects activities to engage with migrant workers in singapore. previously, they were involved in producing an album of music written and performed by migrant workers, and has to date started a couple of worthy initiatives, such as collecting, documenting and presenting their oral histories.

this saturday, a gig titled migrant sounds will be held to raise awareness for migrant voices and the work they have been doing. among the acts i’m really keen catch are great empty, who we’ve featured previously on map, and mux, which is a very exciting audio-visual project by some of our friends from b-quartet. folk singer/songwriter cotton island will also be performing that night, as will seyra, who you can listen to in the sample below – a collaboration with great empty.

the organizers promise it’ll be an interactive experience, so if you’re free this saturday night 21 august, do pop by and join in the fun at going om at 63 haji lane from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. and give your support to this worthy cause! – dan.

mp3: great empty – our sense of the beautiful (with seyra)

click here to find out more about the gig, and here for more on migrant voices.


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