#299 gonjasufi – sheep

the reason i like gonjasufi‘s warp records debut so much has a lot to do with how the album title so cryptically yet precisely describes how the whole thing sounds. equal parts esoteric and worldly, a sufi and a killer blends itself into a gorgeous expanse of free floating ideas and sounds, never content to stay at any point, as if that point could even be pinned down. and while the themes seem overtly spiritual at times, there’s always a distinctly rough edge to the sound that’s almost certainly referencing something, someone of this world. perhaps, then, the most enjoyable part of this journey isn’t so much what you get out of listening to the album, but the pursuit of what you never quite seem to get fully. it sounds so familiar, but where have i heard this from? yet, it also sounds foreign enough to throw me off, long enough before the next thing comes my way. i know i wouldn’t have it any other way. – dan.

mp3: gonjasufi – sheep

a sufi and a killer is available on warp records.


2 responses to “#299 gonjasufi – sheep

  1. I just ran across your blog through shuffler.fm. Love your setup and the whole idea, it’s really cool. I’ve been waking up to (in case you care, lol) The Hood Internet: Decalogue. It gets me goin!

    Feel free to check out my music blog (it’s the link attached..), It’s not up to par with yours by any means, but I’m lookin for feedback.. Thanks!

  2. Hi Joshua, thanks for dropping by, and glad you like it! The link you attached doesn’t work though!

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