#298 sun kil moon – admiral fell promises

Mark Kozelek’s ruminating music has a way of seeping into our unexciting lives every now and then, and I am just about content to spend most of my days plugged in to the unspoiled beauty of Red House Painters records, while watching the outside world drift by with the artful rhythms of a Jorge Luis Borges story. Admiral Fell Promises, Kozelek’s latest and fourth album under the auspices of his ongoing Sun Kil Moon project is a sparse acoustic affair characterized by his growing interest in classical guitar playing. The serenity and attentiveness to instrumental details on these ten new songs are enveloped in Kozelek’s tender touch, and Admiral Fell Promises offers a striking contrast to the heavy aura of loss and mourning that weighs on his previous outing April (2008). The new album’s title track captures very well the hauntingly poetic effect that the best of Kozelek’s songs always have – a flicker of warmth, a fleeting truthful moment where the singer sounds unburdened and basking in the radiance of new mornings that gently wash away the detritus of long-held dreams. – keith.

mp3: sun kil moon – admiral fell promises

Admiral Fell Promises is available on Caldo Verde Records.


5 responses to “#298 sun kil moon – admiral fell promises

  1. Beat me to a Sun Kil Moon track! Hahaha, but this is rather lovely.. and you’re right about his classical guitar playing! I think it adds a very different dimension, even though everything else remains the same. -)

  2. Ya I really like the classical guitar playing on the new SKM album; reminds me of one of the Red House Painters tracks I love most, “Revelation Big Sur”…

  3. I must get this soon then! Rather liked April.

  4. oh boy we sure are! funny thing was how keith posted this a few days before we found out about the gig.

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