#295 broken social scene – romance to the grave

I woke up this morning listening to the manic, guitar driven pop music that’s easily identifiable with Canadian indie rockers, Broken Social Scene, on the way to work today. This was of course preparation for the BSS gig that was to happen later tonight. It was the perfect recipe for neurosis, as the seemingly incoherent chordal structures melded with staccato drumming and cathartic vocals to give way to a beautiful disaster, like a gas giant slowly collapsing upon itself.

But it wasn’t until I sat down in that office chair, the illusion and safety of music fading away, that “romance to the grave” came on, and time started to dilate. I couldn’t help but drop everything I was doing, to listen intently to each note being played. If this morning’s commute was a collapsing star, then this song was the glowing pulse of a white dwarf, glowing like the embers of a dying fire, shining one last time before fading back to the start of time. – brian

mp3: broken social scene – romance to the grave

“Romance to the Grave” is found on BSS’ latest album Forgiveness Rock Record, released earlier this year on Arts & Crafts.


4 responses to “#295 broken social scene – romance to the grave

  1. interesting music… I liked the drums!

  2. man i’m listening to their new album whole day in the office too.. sam prekop (sea and cake) guests on this one, i think..

  3. i wished i was there, especially since the new album sounds so good. but busted my money on next month’s B&S!!

  4. This would have been amazing to have read/listened to before I saw them play as well. But regret is void in this situation, because I’m certainly sure their show could not have been any better.

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