#291 inch chua – wallflower

after two promising eps, singaporean songstress inch chua has come of age with her debut full-length, wallflower, an album she approaches with both youthful, girlish enthusiasm and a fair amount of retrospective maturity. woven with experiences quaint and intimate, it’s the place in which she wrestles with fundamental questions of identity – the core of who she is and where she stands in a world seeking to homogenize and colonize. hello world, she asks in the title track, first with trepidation and later with growing courage on how she doesn’t fit in its mould and probably never will. still, it bothers her enough to dwell further on this conflict, as mirrored in the tension between her dreamy strings and the defiance of the harsher guitar strokes, drawn out perfectly with her impish vocal throwback to joanna newsom. yet, while newsom captivates from a mystical distance, inch draws you closer in no less enchanting terms to this pretty wallflower that’s coming into bloom even as we speak. – dan.

mp3: inch chua – wallflower

as with all her releases, wallflower is available as a free download. get it, and do support her at her album launch at the esplanade recital studio, 30 july, friday, 9.30pm.


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