#290 melee – built to last

This is probably a song no contributor on I’m Waking Up To would ever write about, so I’ve made it my mission to introduce it to the world (not that it needs any introduction; we’ve probably heard it on commercial radio or at a wedding, gosh). Melee’s “Built to Last” is one song that makes a perfect candidate for satire, perhaps on a music column titled ‘What’s Wrong with This Song?’. Well, I’ll tell you what’s wrong with this squeaky clean American pop-rock number – it sounds like U2/Coldplay/Firehouse on Ecstasy; it appeals to the same high school crowd as Justin Bieber does; and it’s got words like ‘fireworks’, ‘candlelight’, ‘sun’, and ‘universe’. I don’t think there’s a song that aspires to be as blatantly romantic as this. (Usually songwriters DO get self-conscious at some point.)

Am I going to ask you to listen to it like a music connoisseur should, i.e. close an eye (or ear) and have a laugh with it? Hell, no. It’s a feel-good song, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take it seriously. Today I woke up to the feeling of ecstasy. I feel inexplicably overjoyed, and I feel everything is awesome. (This is real, and this is good, it warms the inside like it should.) I feel that it’s speaking to me, and I’ve played this song about thirty-six times in a row. If you’d just drop your guard and listen to “Built for Last” once, it will be the sun in your universe, and there’s no escaping it for you. – song-ming.

mp3: melee – built to last

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3 responses to “#290 melee – built to last

  1. oh song ming, you would have had such a good laugh at the conversation d and i had about this song/post! perhaps i should finally get round to writing you that letter and maybe tell you all about it someday :)

  2. High 5! Whilst this song doesnt resound emphatically with ‘snobby’ alternative musik conno-sers, it’s still a fantastic perk me up ditty.

    Just not tooo much of it though.

  3. i’ve used this song to background the wedding avp that i made for my friends wedding last november of 201o… i love it very much! i guess for me, there’s nothing can compare to this song… :D:D:D

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