#289 belle and sebastian – i’m a cuckoo (avalanches remix)

belle and sebastian will finally be in singapore next month for their first ever show here, and i can hardly wait for it already. just this morning, i was digging through my collection and found this avalanches remix of their best single of 2003, “i’m a cuckoo” (does anyone remember that cuckoo game they put online to promote this?). such a perfect choice it was to commission this elusive aussie duo to work their nostalgic, tropical magic on an already irresistibly catchy pop gem, with the light-headed flute opening reminding me of all i loved so much about the idyllic masterpiece that was since i left you. while the original sounds richer owing largely to trevor horn’s distinct choice of fully inhabiting every hook, this remix focuses less on melody and more on mood and atmosphere, in this case a joyous and celebratory one that makes listening to it here almost as good as being on that breezy island this mix was done on, wherever that might be. and because i’m in such a good mood this morning, i’ve also included a rather rare japanese version of this song as well, just for you. enjoy! – dan.

mp3: belle and sebastian – i’m a cuckoo (avalanches remix)

mp3: belle and sebastian – i’m a cuckoo (japanese version)

belle and sebastian will play at the esplanade concert hall on 7 august, 7.30pm. see you there!


2 responses to “#289 belle and sebastian – i’m a cuckoo (avalanches remix)

  1. stuart’s command of japanese is impressive!
    not that i know japanese.
    DMC should so do a cover!

  2. that sounds sweets, baby!

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