#283 caribou – kaili

as much as i loved the densest sunshine moments of caribou‘s andorra (2007), it wasn’t something i was always in the mood for. this year’s swim, in contrast, doesn’t quite reach the same emotional highs (at least upon first listen – it’ll find its way of attaching itself to you when given the chance), but certainly clears up a lot more breathing room for you to savor the intricacies of daniel snaith’s masterful touches. yet, swim’s “kaili” seems to have found a middle ground in bringing out the best from both albums. a song on love in the face of growing old, “kaili” channels the uplifting vibes of andorra through a subject matter that could have easily sounded wearisome. the real treat, though, lies in the second half of the song which spirals into transcendent bliss, a perfect blend of free jazz and electronic genius that constantly threatens to spin out of control if not for snaith’s discipline and finesse in holding it all together. – dan.

mp3: caribou – kaili

swim is out now on merge records.


One response to “#283 caribou – kaili

  1. I’m so glad someone else really rates Kaili – I think it’s the best song from the “Swim” album!
    Nice blog x

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