#281 sleigh bells – rill rill

don’t read too much into this, but i think sleigh bells‘ “rill rill” could very well be a contender for single of the year (if it ever gets released as a single, of course). this, along with many of the other songs on their debut album treats, which sounds like a mish mash of all our favorite bits of crystal castles, mia, fuck buttons and the ting tings. the important thing, though, isn’t who this brooklyn duo sound like, but what they’ve fashioned from these semblances. namely, they’ve brought together deliciously catchy bubblegum pop with the vilest of shoegaze distortions and worked it like none other, as exemplified in the sugary bombast of “crown on the ground”. in contrast, “rill rill”, formerly known as “ring ring” from the demos passing around last year, is one of the tracks that goes easy on the noise but squeezes every inch of out the pop, beating mariah carey or whoever’s hot now on radio at their own game. have a heart, have a heart! – dan.

mp3: sleigh bells – rill rill

treats is out now on mom & pop.


3 responses to “#281 sleigh bells – rill rill

  1. Just a note, Rill Rill should never be a single of the year, since the whole song depends on the Funkadelic guitar sample anyways.

  2. .. but such a delightful guilty pleasure!

  3. .. especially at the break down at the end!

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