#274 jens lekman – i saw her at the anti war demonstration

we spent much of last night reading more than a year’s worth of jens lekman’s online journal. i’ve loved his music for quite a while, that humorous, romantic personality of his that inhabits each of his songs, but never had i ventured to read his online writings. i’ve always found it a little weird following the musings of a stranger. it seems to give us the false impression that we know someone who we really don’t.

yet, reading jens’ journal is quite a different thing. as we concluded at the end of our marathon reading session, we see that same lovable personality in the things he writes about, and we get a glimpse of the bizarre way his mind works, but there’s this feeling we still don’t really know him, and that distance remains, probably for the better.

that’s not to say i don’t identify with jens. his writings, as with his songs, speak to me on a personal level, and it’s hard not to when he shares his memories and anecdotes like any good friend would. at the same time, though, he avoids becoming confessional by blurring the line between imagination and reality, not with any intention to deceive or conceal, but simply because that’s what the best stories are made of, something which becomes that little bit more magical when you hear it in song. – dan.

mp3: jens lekman – i saw her at the anti war demonstration


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