#272 crystal castles – baptism

I simply cannot get enough of the Crystal Castles sound. Sometimes, when life is a swirling mess, you try looking for the most complimentary music to go along with your soundtrack, and the vile concoction of Ethan Kath and Alice Glass is the perfect mix to start your day, like two gins every morning.

“Baptism” is exactly what it is, a baptism under fire into the psychotic world of Ethan Kath. His programming on this particular track is a mindbending cacophony of euro trance, minimal tech and house, coupled with the psychosis of Alice Glass’s vocals that grate like it was crushed in your ear. It’s not pretty, I don’t even know what she’s singing about, but it makes sense. And sometimes, that’s all you’re looking for. – brian

mp3: crystal castles – baptism

Crystal Castles will be out physically on May 24 on Fiction Records. In the meantime, you may purchase the digital version of the album on Itunes.


2 responses to “#272 crystal castles – baptism

  1. Could not agree with you more. Loving these guys and gals.

  2. Nice! good post! check my website!

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