#270 stellarium – dead nebula

my late night bus rides home from serangoon are an hour long, which give me just about enough time to listen to an album in its entirety. last night, i decided to put on the self-titled stellarium album, and soon fell asleep to the waves of its noisescape, a fitting accompaniment to the rhythmic motions of the near empty bus. drifting in and out of consciousness as i sometimes do, i recall fleetingly the moments where the brutal onslaught of fuzzed-out guitars threatened with little success to overcome my half-sleep. they did loom stubbornly in the background though, and eventually found their way through with the second half of the album’s penultimate track “dead nebula”, conspiring as one cacophonous whole in awaking me to the bus’ arrival at clementi. i’m almost home, quite pleased at the rousing welcome. – dan.

mp3: stellarium – dead nebula

stellarium’s self-titled debut album is out now on their bandcamp page, where you’ll also find a live download of their recent esplanade gig.


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