#269 bibio – the palm of your wave

in the opening title track of ambivalence avenue, bibio borrows the musical canvas of the like-minded boards of canada, and fills it with broad strokes of 60’s british folk treated with generous shades of sepia. it sets the tone pleasantly for an album that playfully fuses both organic and electronic elements, swinging from one end of the continuum to another with baffling ease. the detours that he indulges in, though, is often a gamble – the old school funk jam of “jealous of roses” and the deconstructed r&b of “fire ant” are surprisingly good, but the bleeps and bloops of “sugarette” sounds awkwardly out of place. things, however, fall nicely together with the achingly beautiful “the palm of your wave”, the simplest of ballads that clings so tightly to freezing time and savoring the moment even it’s just the memories that remain. – dan.

mp3: bibio – the palm of your wave

ambivalence avenue is out now on warp.


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