#263 aloe blacc – i need a dollar

They say that some of the greatest music is born from strife. I don’t agree necessarily with that creative ethos, but there’s no denying that we tend to gravitate the simple notion that “we are not alone”, especially when you listen to someone who sings the words you’ve been dying to write yourself.

Aloe Blacc gives us “I Need A Dollar”, that seems birthed from the economic meltdown of 2008, and also the success of the latest TV show to appear on HBO, “How To Make It In America.” It is an apt song for the introduction to an equally apt premise of a drama about a modern day rags to riches story.

The song is not over-produced, instead going back to the basics of a catchy piano riff, a tight-arsed groove and soulful vocal melodies courtesy of Aloe Blacc himself, although the most beautiful thing about this song, I would say, is the riposte of ad-libs that add to that dimension of community that make this song a special friend as you start each day. “If I share with you my story, will you share your dollar with me?” – brian

mp3: aloe blacc – i need a dollar


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