#261 conil – after the hole

There’s something glorious and enchanting in Conil’s music. It rages, it quenches, and then it tears apart at every corner of your heart, if only to allow you to dissipate your consciousness back to the wind. If your body belongs to ashes, then your mind belongs to the winds.

That’s how it feels with ‘after the hole’, where Conil embarks on a journey like a wolf, hungry, and searching for the answers that plague all the questions to life, love, and everything in between. From the get go, the feral growl lurks stealthily in the shadows, stalking its prey, one step closer to absolution. Alas, as the story goes, there is none to be found, where “at the end, all i found were other ends.” – brian

mp3: conil – after the hole

Strange part of this country was launched on Great Hare and Conil’s music is available on iTunes and Amazon


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