#259 johnny cash – ain’t no grave

‘The Man In Black’. The music of Johnny Cash’s extensive career can truly be seen as a journey, something rare in the short lived careers of many musicians. If there’s a loose thread that ties Cash’s early career with his later one, it’s a story of redemption. Opening his final posthumous album with the haunting track, ‘Ain’t No Grave’ seems apt for remembering what Easter is all about for Christians all over the world, Jesus’ triumph over the grave, and the sting of death is no more.

Cash sounds like a man who’s stared into the abyss and survived to tell the tale. The marching footsteps on hard road, coupled with the loose chains seem to present the image of a man who’s escaped the crushing prison of eternal damnation, dragging his burden along the endless open road, finding freedom even if it leads down a lonely path. And as the listener, you wonder, what compels the man in black to walk apart from the scores of men walking to the edge of the abyss. – brian.

mp3: johnny cash – ain’t no grave


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