#252 st. vincent – these days

nico’s “these days” is the definitive cover of the jackson browne song, and for good reason too. the strings descend upon you at the right moments just as the chanteuse’s rueful balladry ushers a scene of overcast skies. that was probably not far from annie clark’s experience when she heard that version off nico’s chelsea girls album for the first time in chelsea, of all places. performing last night at the esplanade recital studio as st. vincent, clark chose to end her set with “these days”, opting respectfully for a faithful rendition of nico’s version. however, while nico’s vocals presented browne’s lyrics in shades of ominous gray, st. vincent’s treatment offered a livelier texture that sounded lighter and dreamier though no less pensive, closing a short but sweet set with a touch of class. – dan.

mp3: st. vincent – these days


2 responses to “#252 st. vincent – these days

  1. i never liked st. vincent and her affectations, but i might have to start altering that opinion now

  2. Ah, I thought her Beatles cover was better — she really rocked it with her guitar fuzzed out to 11. And it allowed her to show off her guitar chops.

    The problem of covering “These Days” is that it’s pretty much a perfect song… I don’t think anyone can top it. It was a brilliant gig though.

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