#251 the black keys – my mind is ramblin’ (junior kimbrough cover)

I’m all done got the blues y’all. Like a spirit of the Mississippi just possesses your soul and leads you into a thrall of heartache, sorrow and solace in the music. The Black Keys are in my book, some of the finest modern day Blues practitioners, not because of technical virtuosity, but they just seem to capture the very essence of what makes the blues so spell-binding.

The guitars and vocals of Dan Auerbach slither around the murky swamp drumming of Patrick Carney like a snake, all to ensnare their prey, that is a glowing tribute to the great bluesman, Junior Kimbrough. “My Mind Is Ramblin'” stands out most notably from their almost flawless tribute EP, Chulahoma, to the late great, Kimbrough, that by the end of this exorcism of anguish, you and the snake are staring at each other, eyeball to eyeball, afraid to breathe. – brian

mp3: the black keys – my mind is ramblin’ (junior kimbrough cover)

Chulahoma is available on Fat Possum Records.


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