#250 these new puritans – attack music

it all begins with a dramatized re-enactment of post-9/11 mourning, where you’re coaxed repeatedly to just look around at the wreckage that surrounds you, no explanations given. in the cryptic world of these new puritans, this mise en scène is just one part of a bigger, undefinable puzzle of an album aptly known as hidden. yet, while their intentions and motivations seem impossibly obfuscated, the commentary embedded therein couldn’t have been colder and starker: it was september, harmful logic/ it was september, this is attack music. there doesn’t seem to be any trace of anger or sadness here, and even if there was, these emotions have probably been imprisoned beneath the pounding beats that seem wholly bent on the insistence and emphasis of those words and nothing else. you’d be bitterly disappointed if you’re looking for a unifying message beneath it all, but i suspect the lack of one reminds us plainly that the real tragedy lies in our helplessness in summoning an adequate response on our own. – dan.

mp3: these new puritans – attack music

hidden is now out on domino records.


One response to “#250 these new puritans – attack music

  1. This is absolutely bril! Definitely chilling me to the bone.

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