#249 gemma hayes – cloudbusting (kate bush cover)

I can only imagine being there. The dim lights softly painting a portrait of Gemma Hayes as she delivered Kate Bush’s haunting classic, “Cloudbusting”. The fragile introduction, somehow held together by the confidence of Hayes’ vocal delivery, is pure delight. It doesn’t last long as the pulsing bass drums pound in to gently usher this song into the blissful throes of floating above the clouds.

This cover pays a great homage to the melody and intensity of the original, but the lithe folk-tronic arrangement and Haye’s own vocal take make this a worthy addition to any Kate Bush or Gemma Hayes fan. In fact, why not be both? – brian.

mp3: gemma hayes – cloudbusting (kate bush cover)


6 responses to “#249 gemma hayes – cloudbusting (kate bush cover)

  1. Shiver down the spine stuff!!

  2. wow.. this is a beautiful song.

  3. Lynchie from Aberdeen

    Stunning cover version of a great song – thanks for the chance to hear it.

  4. I think this is better than the original version! :O


    The Kate Bush Discography Guy

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