#245 scott walker – it’s raining today

through the years, scott walker has acquired a certain reputation for being ahead of his time and creatively uncompromising. and sure enough, his early solo albums in the sixties (the scott 1-4 albums) tend to be rather divisive. some people would find this music to be hopelessly melodramatic, while others can’t get enough of his enigmatic songs about the plague, plastic palace people and earthy prostitutes who dream of a fire escape in the sky, his ability to create trance-inducing beauty in the loneliest of places. “it’s raining today” is one of my favorites, and it’s an elegant snapshot of walker’s gifts as a songwriter and arranger. i’ve always liked the way the ominous strings creep up from a distant background and drift along like a proustian reverie while the singer retraces his steps to a forgotten corner of the universe, haunted by visions of the train-window girl he’s trying to forget. life is elsewhere already, he seems to be saying amid the hallucinatory unease, and so be it. – keith.

mp3: scott walker – it’s raining today


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