#241 davy graham – both sides now

while 60’s british folk revivalist davy graham has been recognized by many as an influence in the development of “world music”, his cover of joni mitchell’s “both sides now” may be best described as otherworldly. to be fair, the original already had a certain mystical quality to it, for in spite of its accessibility, there was a certain fluidity embedded in the song that magically opened it to much reinterpretation, both by mitchell herself and countless others. but graham’s version stands out above the rest with its decidedly multicultural approach to a song that’s aptly about accepting new perspectives. taking his time with an intro most likely influenced by his trips to morocco and tangiers, graham weaves together a dirge-like opening prayer before launching into free-spirited folk performance that floats above the clouds he sings of. it’s the very life he injects into the song that keeps it rolling along faithfully but never wearily, delivered in the most liberating spirit that finds its place today in the equally free-roaming trajectories of bands like animal collective. – dan.

mp3: davy graham – both sides now


2 responses to “#241 davy graham – both sides now

  1. wow! I really like this.. it’s on repeat…

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