#239 robert wyatt – just as you are

i’ve only just started listening to the music of robert wyatt, even though his albums have been lying around in my collection for a while. this evening, i decided to give his 2007 effort comicopera a try, and i’m immediately struck by how poised and collected this three-act opera sounds. for a record as light and palatable as this, it’s a delight to see how far it reaches in terms of musical sophistication. impressively, this is something wyatt achieves with such ease and spontaneity, whilst inviting the listener to share in this personal yet communal experience. in the very charming “just as you are” from the album’s first act, wyatt’s duet with monica vasconcelos is tender and warm in the realist romance that ensues, captured in a love song so simple and heartfelt just as it is. – dan.

mp3: robert wyatt – just as you are

comicopera is available on domino records. according to a recent report, wyatt has also just recorded a disc with sax player gilad atzmon. look out for it!


One response to “#239 robert wyatt – just as you are

  1. i’ve yet to take a listen to his music
    but the photo made me swoon and melt a little

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