#236 wild beasts – we still got the taste dancin’ on our tongues

we got gusto! we are headstrong! or so goes the rallying cry of wild beasts, summoning all the cold and cagey kids onto the dimly lit streets to terrorize anything old and institutionalized. it’s a post-industrial manifesto of sorts, with a spirit kicking like a restless baby in the womb, threatening to overflow at any moment from the chilling howls of frontman hayden thorpe’s androgenous falsetto. two centuries ago, it was marx and engels who mobilized the proletarian masses by invoking the specter of communism in denouncing capitalism and its bastard child of commodity fetishism. today, its relevance still lingers even when prospect of political change looks dim, but if you’re looking for a revolution here and now, it’s probably time to stop looking at the unions and start paying some serious attention to the fetishized bodies of the kids on the street, with their filled bellies and beestung lips, with the taste of everything they’re living for in the moment dancing on their tongues. – dan.

mp3: wild beasts – we still got the taste dancin’ on our tongues

wild beasts’ two dancers is out now on domino records.


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