#231 hudson mohawke – ZOo00OOm

plunging into a new decade, it becomes more indiscernible what exact direction indie music is headed towards. these days, it makes more sense to speak not only of the many disparate but overlapping directions that lie ahead, but also of the degree of fragmentation we should come to expect. and fragmentation is of course double-edged, a fine balancing act caught between variety and coherence. hudson mohawke‘s butter, released last year on warp, typifies this post-modern conundrum: the album is bursting with ideas, simultaneously deconstructing and reconstructing the boundaries between hip hop, r&b, idm, funk and soul; yet, it also threatens to spill over in its creativity at the expense of a singular vision. in “ZOo00OOm” though, some form of balance is forged when the fragments of old school 8-bit melodies are held together by the ordering effects of the big beats and the futurism of the accompanying mutating glitch. the end result is far from perfect, and while it’s too early to say how the following decade is going to sound, the tangential work of hudson mo certainly signals the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. – dan.

mp3: hudson mohawke – ZOo00OOm

butter is out now on warp records.


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