#230 amberhaze – 1994

1994 appears to be a milestone in the birth of post-rock, with the term coined by simon reynolds in his review of bark psychosis’ hex. that same year would see the release of tortoise’s debut self-titled album, arguably the launching pad for the band and its like-minded thrill jockey label mates in the development of that experimental post-rock sound. today, post-rock has become a term that’s become all too ubiquitous, and too often used as a convenient label for any instrumental rock music that employs that familiar loud-soft formula, whether guitar-effects based or electronically driven. singapore-based amberhaze, the solo project of giuliano gullotti, references these roots with little hesitation, yet creates music that’s surprisingly free from the expected confines of the genre. in the concisely titled “1994”, gullotti carves out a post-rock epic of sweeping atmospherics, explosive percussion and electronic suspense that engages both heart and mind, a resilient strategy that manages to stay fresh in 2009. – dan.

mp3: amberhaze – 1994

amberhaze’s latest album then we saw the stars again is out now on kittywu records. you may purchase the album directly from the band website, where gullotti writes an awesome feature series on the post-rock lover’s guide to classical music. highly recommended reading and listening!


One response to “#230 amberhaze – 1994

  1. thanks for the kind words. really glad you liked the posts!

    here’s to more in 2010 :)


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