#227 dirty projectors – stillness is the move

Dirty Projectors picks up where Talking Heads left off two decades ago in integrating the muscularity of rock with the liquidness of funk. It’s as if key Projector Dave Longstreth has taken to heart George Clinton’s advice, “Free your mind and your ass will follow”. The inquisitive spirit that pervades Bitte Orca is encapsulated in “Stillness is the Move”, where songcraft, arrangement, and production work together seamlessly. Electronic bass samples and acoustic drums join forces with double-tracked guitar, setting the scene for duelling diva vocals. Painting on the canvas of rock music, “Stillness is the Move” drips with African blues and RnB, recalling Ali Farka Touré’s guitar playing and Mariah Carey’s vocal acrobatics. Not since Radiohead’s Kid A has rock music been so consciously reconfigured. And it’s sooo motherfucking funky. – Song-Ming Ang.

mp3: dirty projectors – stillness is the move

Song-Ming Ang makes art about music: www.circadiansongs.com


One response to “#227 dirty projectors – stillness is the move

  1. waaah really, i must have a listen……..always thought they’re some hipster band like Animal Collective kakakaka

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