#225 felix – death to everyone but us

the last kranky release of the year, felix‘s you are the one i pick, sounds totally at home with the growing corpus of minimal ambient records the label has become so well known for. yet, the duo from nottingham offers something different, mainly in the recurring form of lucinda chua’s semi-autobiographical streams of consciousness. “knock down the walls, i’m coming home“, chua singspeaks in the first line of “death to everyone but us”, offering us immediate access to her thoughts, musings, rants and polemics, and providing the song with its many fragments of loose narratives. her piano flourishes occasionally but demands less attention, especially compared to the strings and guitars of chris summerlin which really takes control in the second half of the song before tapering off. as the opening track of the album, “death to everyone but us” is bold and almost brutal in its execution, and as the title suggests, serves as a rather direct statement of intent for something the label itself terms “delicate and spare chamber pop”. – dan.

mp3: felix – death to everyone but us

you are the one i pick is now out on kranky.


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