#224 ólafur arnalds – raein

classical music may be considered difficult, or even stifling because of how much you apparently need to know before understanding, save appreciating it. in light of this, icelandic musician ólafur arnalds (if his name sounds familiar, see our post last week on his cousin ólöf) sees his role as bringing classical music to those who ordinarily wouldn’t listen to it, choosing to do so through a project he simply titled found songs, consisting of songs derived from several lost and found musical ideas and sketches. earlier this year, over the course of a week, he released a song every day for download, and invited listeners to send in their own artistic responses to it, thus furthering the democratization of his work as a collaborative effort. the music itself, when presented in bite-sized portions, is wonderfully light, encouraging the listener to freely interpret what has clearly been written and recorded in the freest way, proving that sometimes its the empty signifiers that may be the fullest ones as well. – dan.

mp3: ólafur arnalds – raein

you can check out found songs on the erased tapes website. the label has also just released ólafur’s latest album, dyad 1909, so do be sure to take a look at that too!


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