#223 javelin – radio

at their shows, javelin employ the use of boombaatas – large colorful boombox totems – and broadcast their signal through an f.m. channel that’s played out through their audience’s self-brought boomboxes. in this simplified update of the flaming lips’ boombox (and earlier parking lot) experiments, the duo have nicely recontextualized the role of radio in today’s postmodern world. their music, too, involves quite a fair bit of recontextualization as well, with a cut-and-paste ethic that’s not far off from the avalanches, piecing together found sounds and very danceable beats, shuffling frantically from one idea to the next. while their music is best heard as a whole, it’s also extremely rewarding to see them focus their attention on creating great sounding pop tracks like “vibrationz” from their earlier released jamz n jemz mixtape, as well as my choice for today’s post: taken from their debut 12″ on thrill jockey, the very aptly named “radio” is a dated celebration of radio cheekily packaged in the synth-pop grooves and beats of its own milieu, a move that stunningly frees it to be absolutely anything it wants to be. – dan.

mp3: javelin – radio

the javelin 12″ is now sold out, but you can still buy a digital copy from the thrill jockey store. look out for another 12″ earlier next year followed by a debut lp on luaka bop.


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