#222 little dragon – fortune

I always look forward to the last song on a new album. To me, it sums up everything that ever went into the making of this piece of art, and usually holds a special place in the artists’ heart. It’s sentimentalism, that we save the best for last, but it makes sense when you think of records as a whole. As human beings, there’s always a little secret that we share with one other person, and that one person alone. For music, that’s always the last song on the record, the one that never becomes a single, that slipped through the labels’ fists, that last bit of integrity that somehow seems pure to the ears. I first got to know of Little Dragon from the first song off their first album, and liked them. But now I think I am hopelessly in love with them after the last song off their second album, Machine Dreams. – brian.

mp3: little dragon – fortune

Little Dragon pen enchanting electronica tunes and hail from Sweden, are fronted by the enchanting Yukimi Nagano, and recently released their second album, Machine Dreams on the Peacefrog label.


3 responses to “#222 little dragon – fortune

  1. i’ve been waiting for you to post this! love the slithering bass line! – dan.

  2. Hahaha, how did you know I was gonna post it?

  3. not that song specifically but i remember you raving about them some time ago. i just bought myself a copy and can’t wait to listen to the whole thing!

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