#219 jadiid – africa

Sometimes when you first open your eyes, you already hear the song playing. As you lie in bed, listening intently, you play out the events that will unfold today. You’re editing the montage of events that will define your life, at least for today. By the time the first musical interlude passes in “Africa”, you would have finally gotten out of bed, and lived out the moments you imagined. The way you stare at yourself in the mirror as you brush your teeth, it’s slightly different from regular days. The cereal you eat seems to provide nourishment rather than the bland reminder that you attempted a healthier lifestyle. In fact, by the time this song fades out, you would have just left your home, and shut your door.. bristled excitement for what’s in store. Or did you not get out of bed yet?– brian

mp3: jadiid – africa

Hailing from Chicago, Jadiid are independent, releasing their album “It’s OK To Be Anxious” on Amazon and iTunes. Visit their site.


2 responses to “#219 jadiid – africa

  1. I really like this song a lot. It’s righteous.

  2. Ah, and we hope you enjoy the rest of the songs featured -)

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