#215 the sweet seranades – mona lee


you know once i’m onto swedish pop i really can’t stop, especially when there’re singles aplenty to dust off and share. this time, i have a track from the sweet seranades, something that’s been lying around in my collection for almost a year, but which sounds just as good as when i first heard it. “mona lee” introduces the self-pronounced “woodsmen of indiepop” (just look at the promo shot) with a chopping drum beat that clears the way for an intro that could really go anywhere. while i’m tempted to fit in the opening lines of “lisztomania”, what i get instead is a fervent introduction to our lead character by a narrator already sweating (and singing) like xiu xiu’s jamie stewart, dramatic and always peaking. by the chorus, we’re all swept away by the hurricane she brings with her, holding on so desperately amidst the howling voices, and not knowing why we celebrate with such rapturous joy the fleeting passage of a lady we can’t even get close to. perhaps the xiu xiu comparison is apt after all, but with all the sexual frustration of grown men crying subverted by a perversely delirious pop tune. – dan.

mp3: the sweet seranades – mona lee

“mona lee” is the lead single off balcony cigarettes, out now on leon records.


2 responses to “#215 the sweet seranades – mona lee

  1. Hey, just a random shoutout =) Had the opportunity to check out your itunes library in school the other day and I must say that your music collection is awesome! Great stuff, thanks for sharing ;)

  2. hi ravie!

    always glad to share: ) drop by the sociology department to visit if you’d like!

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