#214 doctors & dealers – on the dancefloor

doctors and dealers

oh sweden, land of everything that magically goes pop, how i’ve neglected you, after all you’ve done for me, convincing me that loving good ol’ catchy pop music is nothing to be ashamed of, let alone dance along to. if not for you, i’d never have gotten to listen to doctors & dealers, which really is the music of a little girl called sparrow who roams the wilderness of your land. and if not her wonderful album lost friends and newfound habits, i would have never heard the delightfully groovy “on the dancefloor”, a song that sounds almost too bold, and too outspoken for a swedish pop song. i don’t know very much about sparrow except for the fact that she also plays in another stockholm band called southside stalkers, but maybe that just adds to the smoky mystique of this opening track that’s all set for the dancefloor. – dan.

mp3: doctors & dealers – on the dancefloor

lost friends and newfound habits was released earlier this year on bluesong records. get it!


2 responses to “#214 doctors & dealers – on the dancefloor

  1. Hi! I enjoyed reading your blog! Seems like we have a very similar music taste! I love Discow Moscow, discovered them by a coincidence during this last summer. I was just looking through the content of my friends mp3 and found them there. They are so rare in Sweden, I haven’t seen them in any CD-store, though I haven’t checked so many. Thanks God there is Internet! :) Anyway nice writing, keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Vladi! Thanks for reading, and I’m always heartened to meet someone else with similar tastes: )

    Could you tell me more about Discow Moscow? From what I gather, they organize shows and gigs.. do they have any releases as well?

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