#213 motopony – king of diamonds


Like a breath of fresh air, I took a lungful when I first stumbled upon Motopony’s “King of Diamonds”. I tend to have a soft spot for card playing metaphors and the Eagle’s classic, Desperado, but this track really holds its own as testament to the indie folk prowess of Daniel Blue.

From the very beginning as the slight shuffle of drums that sound as if they were recorded at seven thirty in the morning of an empty, white painted loft, courtesy of Hip Hop producer, Buddy Ross, Daniel Blue lazily drifts in with his guitar and sings with an almost sense of loss yet peace.. “I’ve been looking for the King of Diamonds, but I guess the Queen will do…”

The memories haze in this song, some of my own, sometimes someone else’s, and in this world of shared memories, you’re not too sure which ones you own anymore, but it doesn’t matter. – brian

Motopony’s self titled debut will be released on November 14 on iTunes and Amazon. More details on their Myspace.

mp3: motopony – king of diamonds


One response to “#213 motopony – king of diamonds

  1. Brian, thanks for the nice comments. King of Diamonds is a special song. There are a couple more songs available on MySpace and Facebook. Hope you have a chance to check them out.

    Manager/Exec. Producer

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