#212 the xx – vcr

the xx

how exactly do you pin down what counts as “fresh”? for music, i guess it usually means a new sound that’s original rather than purely derivative, something that basically sounds different, in a good way of course. listening to the xx, “fresh” takes on another shade of meaning. the first track that introduces me to romy madley croft’s voice is “vcr”, which sounds freshly opened, like something hidden from view finally seeing the light of day. i particularly like how the music gives the space for her duet with oliver to breathe, and it’s refreshing how each instrument, from the delicate xylophones to the vocals, makes itself comfortable in its own corner and leaves plenty of room for the others. and it’s fresh for me as a listener as well. whenever the song gets broken down to the simple line: but you, you just know, you just do, every break is punctuated ever so gracefully, like a moment that hangs mid-air in quiet assurance. – dan.

mp3: the xx – vcr

xx is now out on young turks.


One response to “#212 the xx – vcr

  1. This song is really incredible. The only word that I can think of is “Fresh”, and yet it doesn’t do it even remote justice! And then too I must say that the description given by Dan above most aptly puts into words the mental picture I could not describe, and this is most definitely my euphoric, feel good song of… I can imagine a VERY long time. Thank you!!

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