#211 suckers – save your love for me


it’s been about half a year since i introduced brooklyn psychfolksters suckers‘ debut self titled ep as one of my favorite new releases of the year, and it’s a good sign that it still features strongly on my regular playlist. so i was really excited when i read from taylor’s blog (pop over for his awesome track review) of their upcoming single “save your love for me”. i spent a good part of the day listening repeatedly to this gorgeous track, which really takes its time to unfold and stretch out in all its glory. the band has clearly matured in this short time in producing a masterpiece such as this, one that manages to sound both delicate and sweeping, and which projects the personal themes of the song – of love and growing old – as an experience that’s concurrently intimate and shared communally. in doing so it goes beyond expressing what means so much to them to universalizing that sentiment by making it something that means so much to us as well. – dan.

mp3: suckers – save your love for me

save your love for me will be self-released on 7″ later this month.


3 responses to “#211 suckers – save your love for me

  1. It really is a pretty track -)

  2. Hey i was searching for Suckers- Save your love for me lyrics and i found your page ! Well, there should be more music lover like u out there..cause everyone is so into mainstream crap music nowadays.. =) well, keep it up dude ! will be back for more !

    ps btw did you know this song was originally sang by Quinn Walker

  3. hi there! love the retro shots on your blog!

    thanks for the kind words: ) yeah i’ve heard the original version, but i think he sings it much better this time round..

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