#210 circulatory system – overjoyed

circulatory system

i hate taking things out of context and i risk doing that here with circulatory system‘s recently released signal morning, which comprises probably more than a million fragments of tunes, sounds and ideas all condensed coherently into a very enjoyable album on the brink of an overflow. it reminds me of what i like so much of the olivia tremor control: a decade into listening to their music, i still here fresh sounds and notice new things i never did before, and i continue expect to do so in future. whatever it is, i’ve chosen just one little slice from signal morning to share with you. it’s not even the most representative or fullest-developed track, but “overjoyed” struck me as one of those moments where so much is packed into so little, and everything’s pushed through at breakneck speeds just for the thrill of it. and yes, if you thought that wasn’t possible, it’s also very beautiful too. – dan.

mp3: circulatory system – overjoyed

signal mornings is now out on cloud recordings. get it!


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