#205 wintersleep – search party


i’ve always been fascinated by the music that come out from faraway places (relative to Singapore.) Wintersleep is one of those bands, hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada. There’s a certain frosty calm that inhabits their music, much like how a reclusive artist does not care what else is going on in the world, and simply paints what’s directly in front of him.

that’s how it is with Search Party, taken off Wintersleep’s third studio album, Welcome To The Night Sky, and in this live version, courtesy of the online sampler that they just released days ago. easily one of the songs on constant repeat whenever i’m driving down empty roads, or alone in my room after an antagonising day.. it never fails to remind me to slow down, imagine the trees covered in snow and breathe in a chilly air, because i used to dream about saving the world, now i dream about the holidays… – brian.

mp3: wintersleep – search party (live)

to download the rest of the four song sampler, visit http://www.wintersleep.com/giveaway/


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