#201 dirty projectors – two doves

dirty projectors

the twists and turns of dirty projectorsbitte orca are nothing short of exhilarating, even when things get more sparse and minimal right in the middle of the album with a duet between amber coffman and an equally expressive string quartet. operatic without the distance usually associated with it, “two doves” is a platter of articulated loves both romantic and true, intensely adoring even in the face of daily failures, and emotively expansive amidst a sea of unspoken restraint. written when “the planets are aligning, for an afternoon that’s never ending“, it skips and hops and twirls with charm and poise, with remarkable ease and in perfect balance.

mp3: dirty projectors – two doves


2 responses to “#201 dirty projectors – two doves

  1. I love your blog, I do, but “emotively expansive amidst a sea of unspoken restraint.” Really?

  2. haha reading it now when i’m more awake, i can think of a million ways of writing that better. thanks for pointing that out, alex! i’ll leave that clumsy/pretentious/meaningless phrase there as a big reminder to myself: )

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