#200 the beach boys – sloop john b (a capella)


the most prized record in my collection is my beach boys’ smile vinyl bootleg, but my favorite has to be one of the first cds i ever bought – pet sounds, remastered in 1990 in glorious mono. the album itself needs no further introduction, but i remember listening to the cd for the very first time and vividly recall the magic that filled my ears. i also remember the group’s pristine cover of the 1927 classic “sloop john b” being the standout track for me after the first listen, with its a capella break keeping me enthralled listen after listen. today as i passed by aquarium drunkard, i stumbled upon the full a capella version of the song, which was one of its recordings done in 1965, i believe. this version invokes the same magic of the finished work but in its utterly purest form, which for me will be a real treat to savor for a long time to come.

mp3: the beach boys – sloop john b (a capella)


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