#199 vandaveer – divide and conquer


just how important are first impressions? when i listened to vandaveer‘s new album divide & conquer, the opening title track grabbed me by the sleeves and refused to let go. i could see mark charles singing in my face, ever arresting with his endless questions almost too personal and too close for comfort. i can also hear his dear sister rose guerin whispering in my ear, providing not just a harmony but some strangely enough some space for me to breathe and wonder a little. the tempo of the song can’t be more unspectacular, yet the consistency of its delivery gives it more strength and lasting endurance than i ever expected. even when the song is over and other pathways develop in the rest of the album, the questions posed in this auspicious beginning never seem to fade away: when you dream, is it simple? is it calm, is it visible? does it make a spark, does it leave a mark? while divide & conquer gives no simple answers, it certainly offers dreams just like that.

mp3: vandaveer – divide & conquer

divide & conquer is not out on supply and demand music. get your copy here!


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